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TITLE La ceramica figurata d’età geometrica dalla necropoli di Siderospilia (Priniàs): alcune riflessioni sul tema della mobilità
AUTHOR Pautasso Antonella
LANGUAGE Ιταλικά / Italian
PUBLISH DATE 17.04.2019
KEYWORDS Periodo geometrico, ceramica geometrica, Orientalizzante, mobilità, interazioni artigianali, vasi funerari
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Mobility is a complex and multifaceted subject in archaeological research encompassing not only the physical and geographical movement of people, but also the movement (or the flow) of knowledge, ideas, techniques and images. In this paper I consider aspects of mobility in EIA Crete from ceramic evidence by focusing on a group of vases from the necropolis of Priniàs. The vases discussed here are mostly big kraters on tall ribbed pedestals which show a unique example of an elaborate figured painted decoration of the Geometric period in Crete. Main aspects concerning mobility addressed in this paper are: the effect of the imported pottery on local ware; mobility as cross-craft interactions and lastly a few remarks on consumption.