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TITLE Studio Topografico della Necropoli di Siderospilia (Prinias)
AUTHOR Rizza Salvatore
LANGUAGE Ιταλικά / Italian
PUBLISH DATE 23.04.2019
KEYWORDS Necropoli, topografia antica, architettura funeraria, tombe, DEM, modellazione 3D
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The territory centered on the Patela plateau must have filled an important strategic role, at least during the Greek period. The Siderospilia necropolis identified in 1969 north-west of the settlement of Prinias is cut in two by the modern Priniàs-Asites road. The cemetery has many tombs of different types and dating connected to the settlement of Prinias and also to two other older settlements (of the Prepalatial and Second Palace periods) not examined in this paper. The aims of this paper is to present the preliminary results of the topographical analysis of this area, a first classification of burial types, the architectural examination of a significant group of built tombs, and the study of their position within the necropolis. The cemetery is marked by the presence of two low hills located in the south-west and north-east corners. On the first are the remains of the oldest part of the cemetery (FN-EM), while on the second hill is the largest concentration of monumental tombs dating to PG-B.