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TITLE Gli inumati della necropoli di Siderospilia di Priniàs
AUTHOR Mallegni Francesco
LANGUAGE Ιταλικά / Italian
PUBLISH DATE 09.05.2019
KEYWORDS Reperti umani, consistenza e aspetti biologici
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Roughly 85% of the inhumed human remains found in the Iron Age necropolis of Siderospilia, near the modern village of Prinias, have been investigated. Some of them were found in burials and tholoi; most of them were in secondary deposition.

The following preliminary observations can be made:

The anthropometric data on the cranial remains indicate a repeat of measurements and forms (likely population isolation, endogamy?) compared to other island human groups;

There is a remarkable presence of dead individuals in the perinatal age or in the first decade of life;

Many cranial remains (above all of children) show signs of anaemia, a sign that the population was often affected by periods of malnutrition;

In contrast to what had been speculated in the past, there is no trace of a ritual decapitation of some dead in the Siderospilia bones so far examined.