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TITLE Früheisenzeitliche Metallfunde der Siderospilia-Nekropole von Prinias ‒ Lokale Typen und Importe ‒
AUTHOR Matthäus Hartmut
LANGUAGE Γερμανικά / German
PUBLISH DATE 04.12.2019
KEYWORDS Prinias, Siderospilia Nekropole, Frühe Eisenzeit, Subminoische Periode, Protogeometrische Periode, Geometrische Periode, Zypern, Ägypten, Levante, Naher Osten, Metallhandwerk, Importe, Kretisches Metallhandwerk, Stabdreifüße.
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The article presents preliminary results of a project in progress, the study and publication of the metal finds (bronze and iron) in the Early Iron Age tombs of the Siderospilia Cemetery at Prinias (approximately 600 tombs dating from LM III C to the mid of the 6th century B.C.) in cooperation with the Italian mission working at Prinias under the directorship of Prof. Dario Palermo (University of Catania). In addition to local types ‒ spear-heads and daggers, tools of various types, fibulae and dress pins there is a large quantity of imported bronze vases from Cyprus (a Late Cypriot beak-spouted jug, various types of bronze bowls and larger basins), Egypt (lotus juglets as well as situlae) and the Levant (bronze bowls and cauldrons), especially in tombs dating from the Subminoan period to Protogeometric B (11th to 9th centuries B.C.). The imports may be compared to those from the North Cemetery of Knossos, the Orthi Petra necropolis at Eleutherna and the Idaean Cave of Zeus on Mount Ida. Beside the imports there are Cretan imitations and adaptations of foreign types, e.g. rod tripods of Cretan Early Iron Age date.