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TITLE Η κινητικότητα των αγαθών μέσα από τις διαθήκες. Το παράδειγμα του νοταρίου της Σητείας Giovanni Curini
AUTHOR Γρατσέα Αριστέα , Κατίκα Μαρία , Κατσαράκης Αντώνης , Μαγκλής Γρηγόριος , Ρωμανάκης Βαγγέλης
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 15.03.2019
KEYWORDS διαθήκες, Σητεία, κινητικότητα αγαθών, Κρήτη, αγαθά, διαθέτης, Νοτάριοι Χάνδακα, Zuanne Curini
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The paper focuses on the transfer of goods during the creation of wills in the last period of the Venetian dominion in Crete. It is a case study occasioned by the notarial archives of Zuanne Curini (Sitia, 1560-1607) that are preserved both in the Archivio di Stato di Venezia and in the Venetian Archive of the Vikelaia Municipal Library. It examines the mobility of goods in the society of Sitia over a period in the sense of people who die and those who inherit their goods. The ideology behind the mobility and the typical form of this transfer is the focus; whether it is a typology that the legator must follow in part. Through their actions, data is drawn on how the legator’s mentality affects his decision on how his pro-perty is distributed to the people of his surroundings and to the church. In this context, the psychology of the legator through the passage from this life to the next will be examined on how and whether it changes in particular circumstances. In addition, emphasis is placed on the range of these goods and assets, which in turn refer to the social status of the legator (mastro, miser, etc.) and consequently to the economic character of the inhabitants of the area. Finally, reference is made to the use of these goods; if they are intended only for personal/family use or if they were used for commercial reasons both in Sitia and in the wider region of Crete.