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TITLE Τhe Immured Vessels in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Churches of Greece Research Programme: objectives and preliminary results from Crete
AUTHOR Γιαγκάκη Αναστασία
LANGUAGE Αγγλικά / English
PUBLISH DATE 17.05.2019
KEYWORDS Immured vessels, bacini, churches, glazed pottery, Venetian and Early Modern periods, Crete
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The study presents the preliminary observations from the “Immured vessels in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine churches of Greece” research programme with a focus on immured vessels in churches on Crete. It refers to the areas where this practice is most widespread, to the most common patterns in which the vessels are placed on church façades, and to the different categories of glazed wares used as bacini. Particular interest is paid to the reasons why bacini are used and to the importance of their study, not only for this particular aspect of the material culture of Crete, but also for the additional information they provide about the monuments they adorn.