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TITLE Το μουσείο ως «ζωντανός» φορέας κινητικότητας, διάδρασης και αλλαγής στην άυλη πολιτιστική κληρονομιά της Κρήτης
AUTHOR Κουνελάκης Στέλιος
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 10.04.2019
KEYWORDS μουσείο, άυλη πολιτιστική κληρονομιά, Κρήτη, μουσική, Λουσακιές
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This paper refers to the creation of the first museum specializing in Cretan music culture. Crete is an island with an extremely important music, dancing and singing tradition, thus the creation of a museum has been a long-standing goal of the Cultural Association of Loussakies in the Municipality of Kissamos. Funded by earlier European Union grants and a great deal of personal work, the old public school of the village has been completely renovated and transformed into a modern building that can host the relevant institution. The whole effort aims at an innovative thematic cultural museum, where the folklore and salvage viewpoint has been abandoned in favour of the modern aesthetic, technological and scientific perspective. Based on the expertise of the Laboratory of Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the creation of the Museum of Cretan Musicians will be an exemplary case study of collaboration, implementation and sustainability, concerning both the local actors and the expert academic community.