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TITLE Κρητική μουσική και ροές κινητικότητας: από τη μετανάστευση στη μεταφόρτωση
AUTHOR Πουλάκης Νίκος
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 17.06.2019
KEYWORDS κρητική μουσική, εθνομουσικολογία, ανθρωπολογία, κινητικότητα, ροές, μουσείο, βιοϊστορία, τοπικό-παγκόσμιο, δίκτυα, (νεο) παραδοσιακή μουσική
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This essay focuses on (neo) traditional Cretan music as a phenomenon of diffusion, interaction and various influences, following a continuous mobility of persons and cultural forms. It examines the flows of goods, services and practices relating to the exchanges, travels and passages of tangible and intangible forms of Cretan culture, with special emphasis on music and dance. From a methodological point of view, the paper adopts an up-to-date perspective based on the scientific paradigms of both ethnomusicology and anthropology of music, as well as those of the life-history approach and network theory. This scholarly approach, placed in the context of the presentation of a modern museum in Western Crete, highlights the particularities of the local community. Finally, the paper addresses the issue of sustainability and promotion of cultural heritage through the encounter of earlier and contemporary aspects of Cretan music and dance culture, on the occasion of the creation of this innovative museum, namely the Museum of Cretan Musicians.