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TITLE Νεοανακτορικοί ταφικοί αποθέτες: τόποι «απόρριψης» ή μνήμης;
AUTHOR Παπαδάκη Χριστίνα
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 30.12.2017
KEYWORDS ταφικοί αποθέτες, μνήμη, προγονολατρεία, ταφικές πρακτικές
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Neopalatial integrated apothetes: discard places or “mnemonic devices”?

This article discusses the integrated apothetes of the Neopalatial chamber tombs, usually rock-cut, in the form of deep pits. Using some little-known examples from the excavations in the cemeteries of Knossos and mainly Poros, we discuss, in addition to their practical use as receptors of the previous funerary relics, their possible function as “mnemonic repositories”, since they are special places where the skeletal remains of the ancestors were kept.