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TITLE A typology of daily movement in prehistoric Crete
AUTHOR Apostolaki Emmanouela
LANGUAGE Αγγλικά / English
PUBLISH DATE 30.12.2017
KEYWORDS Body movement, household, domesticity, daily reality, urban life, complexity, Late Minoan, Bronze Age society, Crete
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Complying with current approaches to prehistoric domesticity this paper uses the idea of movement to explore life of the less wealthy part of population in Late Minoan I Crete. Through a “typology of movement” that is created for this purpose it tests whether it’s feasible to reconstruct people’s physical conscious or unintentional movement in space on empirical grounds. It reviews a number of different cases describing occurrences of everyday life including activities for subsistence, social occasions, emergencies and other, in which people would have been engaged, and concludes that the existing evidence has a quantitative and qualitative range, which limits archaeological interpretation in many respects. However a rereading of it in several instances mirrors the continuous movement of people and goods under the house roof. Though appearing as common-sense, it is believed that this supposition reveals the complexities of domestic and urban reality in the course of everyday life leading to its more direct perception and to a deeper understanding of how Late Bronze Age society functioned at this level as a whole.