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TITLE Αιγαιακές χειρονομίες (συν)ομιλίας και δέησης:  αιγυπτιακές επιρροές και διαχρονικότητα
AUTHOR Κεκές Χρήστος
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 22.06.2018
KEYWORDS Αιγαιακές χειρονομίες, συνομιλία, δέηση, σχέσεις Αιγύπτου-Αιγαίου, Ύστερη Εποχή του Χαλκού
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The study of postures and body movements with which human figures are rendered in Aegean art is a particular research field of Aegean prehistory that is increasingly attracting scholarly interest. The present study, entitled “Aegean gestures of (co-)speech and prayer: Egyptian influences and diachronicity”, is related to this research field and deals mainly with two particular gestures occurring in Aegean art. It is a gesture of (co-)speech and a prayer gesture to chthonic deities, which are interpreted in this way based on Egyptian parallels and ancient Greek literary accounts respectively. In conclusion, on the one hand the exchange of iconographic models and ideas between the Egyptian and the Aegean civilizations, as well as the existence of a common code of communication relevant to the conventional rendition of speech in art, is clear, while on the other hand, the diachronic continuity of certain Aegean religious practices is documented up to historical times.