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TITLE Movement in time and space: Bronze to Iron Age connections in the north Lasithi area
AUTHOR Wallace Saro
LANGUAGE Αγγλικά / English
PUBLISH DATE 09.04.2019
KEYWORDS exchange networks, clay sourcing; ceramic technology; cultural landscapes; urbanisation
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An excavation, landscape survey and museum study project carried out from 2008 and focused on the north Lasithi area, is now able to provide useful insight on modes and directions of movement in the period between the Final Neolithic and Early Iron Ages. Embracing excavated material from Kera Karfi and Tzermiado Kastello and surface material from a range of Iron Age sites around Krasi and Kera, artefact studies to date show 1) a very long history of close cultural linkages between the Lasithi plain and Kera-Gonies valley area, and 2) some variability in cultural outlooks/connections between lowland sites at the furthest north edge of this zone, and those within the plain. The topics covered here, drawing on parts of this work, are the nature of potting traditions and technology as established in Lasithi from the FN period; the clays and recipes linking the Lasithi area, including the peak sanctuary at Karfi, to the Gonies-Kera valley; and shifts in communication/exchange patterns within the LBA-EIA period as Kera Papoura emerged as a major regional centre.