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TITLE La necropoli protoarcaica di Priniàs. Nuove ricerche per un progetto di pubblicazione finale
AUTHOR Palermo Dario
LANGUAGE Ιταλικά / Italian
PUBLISH DATE 09.04.2019
KEYWORDS Necropoli, Costumi funerari, Ceramica, Bronzi, TMIIIC, Subminoico, Protogeometrico, Geo­metrico, Orientalizzante
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The Iron Age necropolis of Siderospilia in the territory of Prinias was excavated in the years between 1969 and 1978. On the occasion of this workshop, the members of the Archaeological Mission at Prinias of the University of Catania and the IBM CNR will show the preliminary results of the study they started to carry out in 2012 on the whole funerary complex.

The study of the tombs and of the offerings provides a complex mass of information concerning funeral architecture, burial costumes, craftsmanship, spatial organization, social and economic dynamics from the Late Bronze Age to the Orientalising Period. It can reasonably be considered an almost unique study-case, for the results of its study can be compared with the evidence emerging from the settlement and the sacred area. In this respect, the complete study of its features has given rise to some intriguing considerations concerning the role of the site in the general Cretan context and its direct involvement in dynamics of mobility and cultural exchanges.