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TITLE Anfore da trasporto da alcuni contesti di scavo dell’antico porto di Phalasarna (Creta occidentale)
AUTHOR Valle Pasquale
LANGUAGE Ιταλικά / Italian
PUBLISH DATE 13.05.2019
KEYWORDS Hellenistic trade, Phalasarna, Hellenistic Crete, Aegean amphoras
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The 2012 excavation campaign at the ancient harbor of Phalasarna focused on several areas both inside and around the harbor. A significant quantity of pottery was revealed, covering the whole of the stratigraphic “palimpsest” and the entire period of site occupation. The transport amphorae attest the commercial activity of Phalasarna as far back as the fifth century BC. From the fourth century BC onwards, it seems that the imports increase and include the most important production centers of the Aegean Sea during the Hellenistic period. In the case of Phalasarna we are dealing with a unique archaeological context, since, due to the tectonic uplift it underwent, it presents a particular stratigraphy. The latter costitutes a privileged observatory for the study of the economy as far as the aspects of production, consumption and maritime trade are concerned, regarding the Hellenistic period on the island of Crete.