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TITLE Οι οικίες των Θυσιασθέντων Βοών και Πεσμένων Ογκολίθων στην Κνωσό: Νέα στοιχεία από τη μελέτη κεραμικού υλικού
AUTHOR Μαθιουδάκη Ηρώ
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 18.06.2019
KEYWORDS Κνωσός, οικίες, κεραμεική, τυπολογία, ΜΜ ΙΙΙ, νεοανακτορική, μεσομινωική, σεισμός, εισηγμένα αγγεία
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This contribution focuses on the study of the pottery assemblage found in the space occupied by the Houses of the Fallen Blocks and the Sacrificed Oxen in the southeast corner of the Palace of Knossos. This deposit was crucial for Evans’s definition of the ‘Great Earthquake’, because together with the fallen blocks it was considered the consequence of a massive destruction. The deposit standing for this event played a de facto role in the definition of the New Palace era from the very beginning and, in this respect, is very important for the history of the palace of Knossos. There is no sign of stratification above the floor levels of the houses, with the material usually interpreted as a post-destruction fill. The abundance of the ceramic material and the unique repertory of the forms prompted Evans to call this deposit a storehouse of MM III domestic pottery. The large quantities of pottery from these Houses provide a fuller picture of what types and styles were prevalent in MM IIIA, given that we do not have many published deposits from the palace or town of Knossos.