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TITLE The Porti-Miamou project 2015-2016: 2015 Season Preliminary Report
AUTHOR Vasilakis Andonis , Alusik Tomas , Charamis Petros , Semerad Matous , Smejda Ladislav , Kritikopoulou Eirini , Alusikova Dostalikova Pavla
LANGUAGE Αγγλικά / English
PUBLISH DATE 15.07.2019
KEYWORDS Porti, Minoan, tholos tomb, cave, quarry, photogrammetry, heritage conservation, geochemistry
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The Porti-Miamou Project is an official archaeological project of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Heraklion. It focuses on the small-scale surface survey and documentation of the immediate vicinity of Porti and Miamou, two prehistoric sites in the Mesara area, south central Crete. This paper presents the preliminary results of the 2015 season, which was focused on the site of Porti, located on the low hillock of Tou Bairami to Papouri between Vasilika Anogia and Kandila. The first aim of the season was to create new up-to-date plans of the Porti tholos tomb (excavated in 1906) and the adjoining area based on the actual state of all architectural remains. The main aim of the season was to carry out an intensive surface survey in the area of 800 x 800 m, centred on the Papouri hillock, for the better understanding of the site, its local context and chronology. The most important finds made during the survey are a small prehistoric burial cave and a small ancient (?) local limestone quarry. Altogether about 12,400 artefacts were recorded, nearly a quarter of them from the Papouri area.