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TITLE Οι συγγενικοί και κοινωνικοί δεσμοί στη δοκιμασία της κρίσης, που προηγήθηκε μιας ριζικά νέας ιστορικής πραγματικότητας: Ενδείξεις από τα κατάλοιπα δραστηριοτήτων εστίασης στην ΥΜ ΙΒ Ζάκρο
AUTHOR Γεωργακόπουλος Γεώργιος-Παναγιώτης
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 09.10.2019
KEYWORDS Ζάκρος – ανατολική Κρήτη, κατανάλωση φαγητού, καταστροφές, νεοανακτορικοί οικισμοί
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The Late Minoan IB Period ends with destructions which, in the case of East Crete, mark the end of the palatial system. The settlement of Kato Zakros was hit by two, probably natural, destructions in a row, with the second coming very soon after the first one. In the meantime there was a period of crisis, during which efforts to repair the Palace took place. This paper, focusing on food consumption activities, takes the opportunity to investigate how the inhabitants’ lives were affected by the crisis. If the habits of communal eating – and the events they were connected to – were somehow affected, this can indicate how the bonds between relatives and social groups were tested by the crisis. Selected areas of both the palace and the houses are briefly examined. Our understanding can benefit from studying these remains of the final period, as they correspond to specific historical events. However, due to the limited and unstable time span they were created in, as well as the absence of written sources, they also remind us to be skeptical when using evidence related with food consumption to theorize on Neopalatial society.