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TITLE Αναζητώντας τα ίχνη ενός δημιουργού
AUTHOR Τέγου Εύα
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 15.10.2019
KEYWORDS Αξός, αρχαϊκή πώρινη ανάγλυφη κεφαλή, αετωματικό γλυπτό, περιοδεύοντες τεχνίτες
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This paper deals with the Αrchaic head found during the excavation of the sanctuary on the east slope of Axos hill, conducted by the Italian mission in 1899. The head, carved in high relief, shows a young face turned to the right and is made to be viewed in three quarters. The scholars categorized it as an architectural sculpture due to its asymmetrical features. The aim of this study is to activate a debate in order to define which part of the temple the head decorated. For this purpose it will also take into account the research concerning the evolution of sacred architecture in the Archaic period. Furthermore, the information provided by ancient authors on famous Cretan traveling craftsmen will be considered, in an attempt to shed light on the period to which the Axos head belonged.