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TITLE A glimpse into the Knossian mortuary landscape: The Roman tombs at the Venizeleio Hospital, from the 2014 and 2015 excavation seasons
AUTHOR Ρουσάκη Μαρία , Μπροκαλάκης Γιώργος , Τριανταφυλλίδου Ιωάννα , Χρυσανθακοπούλου Ειρήνη , Πυλαρινού Δήμητρα
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 21.10.2019
KEYWORDS Knossos, Roman cemetery, tombs, funerary practices, grave goods, slave
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This paper presents the results of the rescue excavations conducted within the area of the Venizeleio Hospital (north and northeast of the old, main hospital building), during the years 2014 and 2015, focusing on the Roman tombs dated from the second half of the 1st c. BC to the 3rd c. AD. It presents their architectural types and orientation, the main burial practices and the grave offerings. Characteristic cases of tombs and burials are also described, as well as distinctive grave offerings and other finds associated with the identity of the dead.