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TITLE Ο άλλος-εαυτός στον Ερωτόκριτο
AUTHOR Καλλίνης Γιώργος
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 30.12.2017
KEYWORDS ειδυλλιακό και ιπποτικό ρομάντζο, ταξίδι, πόλεμος, ταυτότητα, Σαρακηνός, ετεροποίηση
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The existence of another world is one of the basic characteristics of medieval and Renaissance idyllic romance. A young couple in love is forced, mainly by their parents, who strongly oppose their marriage, to be separated. The hero, the heroine, or both, leave their country and travel abroad trying to redefine their identity in seeking for acceptance. In Vitsentzos Kornaros’s Erotokritos, however, the only journeys of the main hero to Egripos remain a mystery. The world of the “other” is totally absent. It is the war that takes the place of the travel. When Rotokritos hears that Athens is at war with Vlachia, he comes back as a Saracen, as the “other” of the western European romance, a foreign knight in his own country. “Othering” himself, he fights the enemy in order to gain the place he deserves, showing that the foreigner is no other than the self.