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TITLE Γεωγραφική προέλευση μαθητικού πληθυσμού και κοινωνική κινητικότητα στην Ποταμίδα Κισάμου την περίοδο της Κρητικής Πολιτείας: μια μελέτη περίπτωσης
AUTHOR Αποστολάκη Ελευθερία
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 30.07.2019
KEYWORDS Ποταμίδα, Κίσαμος, Κρητική Πολιτεία, εκπαίδευση, ύπαιθρος, γεωγραφική προέλευση, κοινωνική κινητικότητα
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In this paper an effort is made to highlight the role of the geographical origin of the student population as a regulatory factor in the education of boys and girls in rural areas during the period of the Cretan State. At the same time, we attempt to outline the educational framework, which, through interaction with the particular culture in the Kissamos region, made the school, to a certain extent, a mechanism for sharing and reproducing the structures of the local community, with the result that education came to play a very important role in social progress. In order to achieve the above objectives, information was selected and processed from the archives of both the Primary School and the Girls’ School of Potamida, a small village of Kissamos in western Crete during the period of Autonomy, as well as the school archives of the Gymnasium and the Practical School of the same province. An interesting aspect of the present study is also the investigation of the educational course of indicative cases of pupils and students attending the above schools, which is accompanied by the findings of the statistical analysis of the school files.