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TITLE The mobility of goods and the provisioning of buildings within the Late Minoan IB settlement of Kato Zakros
AUTHOR Σαλίχου Αλεξάνδρα
LANGUAGE Αγγλικά / English
PUBLISH DATE 09.05.2019
KEYWORDS Far East Crete, Zakros, Prehistory, Bronze Age, architecture, street system, street network, Neopalatial, settlement
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The street networks of Minoan urban sites were primary used for the communication and circulation of the people within the settlement, as well as for the mobility of the goods and products that either covered the daily needs of the inhabitants or were part of the economic life of the community. Focusing on the Neopalatial settlement of Kato Zakros, this paper aims to examine the significance of its street network in the political economy of the settlement and in the domestic economy of individual buildings. Certain issues will be raised, associated with the categories of the goods that were mobilised, the means of such mobilisation and the distances that had to be covered; in that perspective, we will also examine the features that the road network had (or should have had) in order to facilitate this transportation, and to what extent the internal organization of the buildings took into account their provisioning needs. A general brief discussion will follow on the formation processes of the street system at Kato Zakros, with references to the neighbouring Neopalatial town of Palaikastro.