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TITLE Σωστική ανασκαφική έρευνα στη θέση «Κερά» Καλυβών, Δήμου Αποκορώνου Χανίων
AUTHOR Μιλιδάκης Μιχάλης
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 10.06.2019
KEYWORDS Κερά, Καλύβες, Αποκόρωνας, αποθέτες, λάκκοι, ορύγματα, τελετουργίες, μινωικό νεκροταφείο
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In 2015, at the site of Kera Kalyves in the province of Apokoronas, a rescue excavation conducted by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania revealed part of a Minoan cemetery and 95 “ceremonial” pits. Based on the offerings of the two pithos burials, the first use of the place was probably in the LM II period. Two chamber tombs, dated to LM IIIA2-B phase by their context, came to light.

The pits, circular or elliptical in plan, varied in shape and depth. They were filled with pottery, animal bones, pebbles, ash and stones. Their pottery assemblage, mostly cooking and table ware, is dated in the LMIII B-C period. It is possible that they had a ritual function and were used for the disposal of remains of communal meals (memorial ceremonies) in a single depositional action.

A wall, a zig-zag structure and two elongated ditches, both rock cut, have been found on the site. Residential traces have not yet been found.