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TITLE Τα Καπετανιανά του Γ. Γρ. Σταματάκη: Οι μετασχηματισμοί του τόπου και των ιθαγενών μέσα από την ανάπτυξη πρωτότυπων κοινωνικών σχέσεων και επιδράσεων από τους «μακρινούς Άλλους»
AUTHOR Ζαχαράτου Αγγελική Ν.
LANGUAGE Ελληνικά / Greek
PUBLISH DATE 10.07.2019
KEYWORDS τοπική μνήμη και πολιτισμική ταυτότητα, χωροχρονικές οριοθετήσεις, ετερότητα και προσαρμογή
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In this paper we examine a series of stories entitled “Letter from Kapetaniana”, in the magazine Cretan Panorama, written by Giorgos Stamatakis. The stories are about a geographic region of Crete, the village of Kapetaniana in the Asterousia Mts, in the 1970s, where an important shift of groups and people that settled in this remote, isolated and homogeneous community obliged the locals to protect their difference, their individuality and the uniqueness of their home against an unexpected set of incidents provoked by the newcomers, that would inevitably overthrow communal life. However, the local people, with a “deeply sincere humanity and a natural solidarity” towards the distant “others”, would try to bridge the remains of their tradition and the customs and manners of the strangers, as a starting point for the future interaction of populations at the end of the last century.